Welcome to the Self Sufficiency Calculator and Database

The Self-Sufficiency Calculator helps counselors to determine what programs, benefits, and services their clients might be eligible to receive. Before using the Calculator, please make sure your staff has been trained on the Calculator and accompanying database. Contact Self-Sufficiency Solutions for more information at: info@ssscalc.org.

The Calculator tests for the following benefits:

  • Cash Assistance/TANF
  • Utility Assistance
  • Food Stamps/SNAP
  • WIC
  • School Meals
  • Child Care Assistance
  • Head Start
  • Medicaid
  • State Child Health Care
  • State Adult Health Care
  • EITC (Tax Credits)
  • CTC
  • CCTC
  • Federal & State taxes

The Self-Sufficiency Calculator and database software allows caseworkers to input information about a client's family, income and expenses. They receive information back about benefit eligibility, benefit amount, and benefit access information. 

Armed with this information, the head-of-household can apply for the benefits that will most effectively help the family meet its needs. Additionally, the head-of-household can run scenarios with different wages to see how changes in income can affect crucial benefit eligibilities.  

Non-identifiable client data is stored in the client database for future visits and so that agencies can follow up with clients about benefit applications. If you are a caseworker from an office that subscribes to the Calculator, please be in touch with your agency's administrator for access information.