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If you work in a county with a sponsoring agency that has a license for the Self-Sufficiency Calculator, you may set up your own personal User ID and password (click on the "sign up here" button). Be sure to use your work (aka ".org") email address when you sign up to receive a password immediately (keep it in a safe place or use the password recovery tool to receive an email of your password). Keep in mind, your User ID is your agency email address. If you lose your password and want to recover it, you must use this email adress/User ID to recover your password.

The Calculator is a completely anonymous tool that helps counselors find what financial help might be available to low wage workers. It is available for agencies in the following counties. If you don't have an account, sign up here. Then log in and select the link to your county below.

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The Self-Sufficiency Calculator enables caseworkers to input information about a client's family, income and expenses and receive information back about benefit eligibility, benefit amount, and benefit access information. The Calculator is currently being used in various counties across California highlighted on the next screen of the Calculator.

Armed with this information, the head-of-household can apply for the benefits that will most effectively help the family meet its needs. Additionally, the head-of-household can run scenarios with different wages to see how changes in income can affect crucial benefit eligibilities.

If you have suggestions on how this service can be improved, or if you are interested in training or receiving additional information about how this tool can be used in helping your clients achieve self-sufficiency, please contact info@self-sufficiency-solutions.org.

Before you begin using the Calculator, please review the materials below so you know the Calculator's features and what assistance it can provide you.

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