Self-Sufficiency Solutions is now Benefit Kitchen.
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Why the change?

Well, we liked "Benefit Kitchen" better. But the real reason for the change is that we realized that the digital divide had largely closed -- according to Pew 90-95% of low-income families have access to the internet via a smartphone.

We decided to rebuild the Self-Sufficiency Calculator from the ground up with mobile devices as our first priority so that families could screen themselves directly.

At the same time, we built a tool that is caseworker-friendly and has a built in client-management and data-tracking system. Best of all, this client-facing tool allows families to begin a screening, but connect with a caseworker later.

Give it a try: just point your phone or desktop browser to

The old Self-Sufficiency Calculator and Database was taken offline in June 2018. Prior to the shutdown we transitioned our clients over to the Benefit Kitchen Screener platform and expanded into new states. If you'd like to with us or if you have questions, contact us via the Benefit Kitchen site.