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Welcome to Self-Sufficiency Solutions

Creators of premier Internet-based welfare-to-work calculators since 1999, Self-Sufficiency Solutions provides clients from coast to coast with the most reliable and easy to use tools that have assisted over a million families in claiming the benefits and services that will help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Self-Sufficiency Solutions Calculator is web-based software that gives caseworkers the ability to match families with the appropriate benefits. When caseworkers provide information about a family (size, income, special circumstances), the Calculator analyzes those inputs to determine which benefits (and amounts) the family should be eligible for. Through a seamless interface our Self-Sufficiency Database saves non-identifiable client data for future visits, follow up with clients about client applications and accumulative agency reporting.

Benefit Kitchen is our most recent project. It combines the best elements of the Calculator and Database tools in a built-for-mobile app that can serve low-income families directly (with or without the assistance of a caseworker). Learn more at:

How can we help your clients, counselors and community?


We help clients to gain control of their financial options.

At-a-Glance Monthly Budgeting:
Shows the benefits families are eligible for, benefit amounts, and how they figure into the family's income/expenses to see if/how they can make ends meet.


We Make The Complex Benefits World Easier to Understand

Simultaneous Benefit Analysis:
As the rules of one program/benefit affect the rules/eligibility of others, this tool takes them all into account instead of calculating them separately.


We're User-Friendly

Track Your Data:
Track a client’s progress towards self-sufficiency; record benefit outcomes

Simple Set Up:
Quick for your organization to develop and implement; inexpensive to maintain