Self-Sufficiency Solutions is now Benefit Kitchen.
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Why the change?

Well, "Self-Sufficiency Solutions" is sort of a long name... and we liked "Benefit Kitchen" better.

But the real reason for the change is that the digital divide has closed (according to Pew 90-95% of low-income families have access to the internet via a smartphone). And the lower a family's income, the more likely they'll use a mobile device as their primary means of accessing the internet. We decided to rebuild the Self-Sufficiency Calculator from the ground up with mobile devices as our first priority.

At the same time, we built a tool that is caseworker-friendly and has a built in client-management and data-tracking system. Best of all, this client-facing tool allows families to begin a screening, but connect with a caseworker later.

Give it a try: download it for iOS and Android or visit in a standard phone or desktop browser

Our Self-Sufficiency Calculator and Database subscribers can still access their systems. However, we're transitioning our clients over to Benefit Kitchen as we expand into new states. If you'd like to become a client or if you have questions, contact us via the Benefit Kitchen site.